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Each Sunday and Wednesday evening at FBCN we offer advanced adult Bible studies taught by the pastor.  These studies range from verse-by-verse studies of entire books to theological studies.  In the past we have studied eschatology (study of the end time), soteriology (study of salvation), bibliology (the study of scripture) and numerous books of the Bible, including James, 1 Peter, 2 Peter and Romans.

Currently we are doing two book studies.

On Wednesday evenings (6:30 pm) we are doing a study on the book of Daniel.  Daniel is a one of a kind book of historic and prophetic vision.  Daniel so accurately depicted the events of the intertestamental period that many liberal scholars refuse to believe it was written some 400 years prior.  Daniel's prophetic vision did not stop there, however; as he has much to say for what as yet remains to be fulfilled in the future.

On Sunday evenings (6:00 pm) we are conducting a study of the Harmony of the Gospels.  This study will go through the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John together as a single written unit, but arranged into chronological order, that we may walk through the 3 1/2 years of Jesus' ministry in the order in which the events happened.  This study greatly helps us to understand the process of events in the life of Christ as one moves to another.

We invite any and all who desire to study on a deeper level than is practical on Sunday mornings to join us for these two advanced adult classes.  If you need to catch up for a missed class – or hit the ground running when you first arrive – the links below will lead you to our Vimeo video page, where each lesson in each series thus far can be watched. 


The Pastor's Vimeo Page (contains links to every series available in video format)


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