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The Book of Habakkuk

Habakkuk boldly asks questions of God that we have all had: why do you not intervene?
Habakkuk's question wasn't about not getting the job or paying the bills.  It was in fact even harder to see: wicked men seemingly getting away with their evil deeds while God watches.
While Habakkuk is deeper than this, it is the essential issue that fuels his quest to understand God's reasoning and purposes with how things are handled on the earth in real time.
God's vision recorded in Habakkuk is a an encouragement to us all of God's sovereignty, patience, and absolute justice.  Join us to hear God's answers on these and other related questions.

The Book of Habakkuk – Habakkuk’s Dillemma

May 14 Book Introduction
May 21 Habakkuk’s Complaint
May 28 God’s Answer
Jun 4 Habakkuk’s Second Complaint
Jun 11  (God’s Second Answer) First Woe – Those Who Steal
Jun 18 Second Woe – Dishonest Wealth
Jun 25 Gospel Sunday – Lord’s Supper
Jul 2 Third Woe – Building with Bloodshed
Jul 9 Fourth Woe – Leading Neighbors to Sin
Jul 16 Fifth Woe – Idolatry

Habakkuk’s Prayer

Jul 23 Prayer for Restoration
Jul 30 Prayer for Wrath Against Ungodly Nations
Aug 6 Prayer for God’s Mercy
Aug 13 Habakkuk’s Response to God

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