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Principles of the Gospel

"The Gospel" is perhaps one of the most often abused and misused terms in the church today.  Being noted as everything from "doing your best" to "living as Jesus lived," the gospel is in fact a very clear and specific message of "Christ Crucified for Sinners."
This message carries an entire systemetized theology along with it that spans the duration of the biblical record.  In Genesis, Sin is introduced- along with its penalty.  In Exodus, the Law.  From there, the prophets refer to the Messiah who would eventually come.  The gospels demonstrate Jesus to fulfill the requirements of the Law that we may be truly saved from the penalty of sin.  And, by the end of the book the full fruition of our salvation is complete in Revelation.
This message is focal point of the great commission of the church.  There simply are no disciples without an accurate, valid gospel.  And there is no accurate, valid gospel without a discipled church body to carry it.
This series is a theological exposition of the gospel message.  Hopes are that each of us, by fully knowing the gospel we claim, would be better prepared to share that good news with others.

Principles of the Gospel

Feb 26 Man’s Sin
Mar 5 God’s Wrath Toward Sin
Mar 12 Blood Atonement
Mar 19 Prophesies of Messianic Restoration
Mar 26 Gospel Sunday 
Apr 2 Fulfillment of the Law
Apr 9 (Easter Musical) Christ Crucified
Apr 16 Faith - Easter Sunday - Lord’s Supper
Apr 23 Repentance
Apr 30 Lordship
May 7 The Nature of Salvation

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